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'Inner Outback Landscape'

Image of 'Inner Outback Landscape'


From the inner landscape series
My new series of work, is concerned with the magic of the firing process.

With this work it is the firing process in a wood-fired kiln, rather than the decoration, on which is the emphasis.

The enriching of a surface imbued with flame and smoke markings
Extracting from the kiln its visual magic.
Enhancing the work with Kiln mysteries
Painting the surface of the bowl with a brush loaded with fire and smoke,
creating landscape images in its primal form

Returning to the source

Something raw with something refined
And there lies the tension which is necessary in all art work


In summery. These works are the result of my physical interaction with shapeless lumps of clay and a wood-fired kiln. Additionally, there have been many subtle influences in my life, which have carried over into my work and may, at first looking, not be too obvious. There have been many friends and many meetings. There has been a total commitment to this work. There has been, and is, much spirit and soul. There are many stories and memories. And, as an underlying strength of all this, there is the love for the simple act of using my hands to make something beautiful.

Petrus Spronk
August 2010